Think you’re too late to plant a garden if you haven’t been slaving away all summer? Think again! There are plenty of crops you can still enjoy well into the fall. As an added bonus, with some weather protection, you could still be eating these for the winter holidays…

Lettuce, carrots, beets, kale & other greens love the fall!


As a general rule, put late summer plantings in a place where they will receive optimal sunlight as the days shorten and the intensity diminishes. This way they will continue to thrive until frost. Some crops withstand frosts and even improve, such as brassicas, like brussel sprouts. Expect hardy greens and lettuces to make it for a bit, and beets and carrots if they have a good layer of mulch.




Let the worms do the work for you!

Ammend with good quality compost or worm castings to keep plants happy and nutritional content and taste top-notch.

You can use a cold frame or tunnel to keep temperatures warmer around your crops as the days shorten. This should have you eating tasty, homegrown crops for the next few months and keep the organic grocery bill at bay a little longer. Click the ‘cold frame’ link above for instructions from our friends at The Hudson valley Seed Library on building your own cold frame and other seedy tips.


You could even be ambitious enough to dig your carrots out of the snow like these folks over at The Year Round Veggie Gardener!

The Year Round Veggie Gardener's Carrot Cold Frame