I’m back even sooner than I thought I would be, with some shots of the seeds we just planted on Tuesday! Thank you heat mat! Though I don’t expect to see lovely rosemary show her face for a while, there’s plenty of oregano sprouting up. Take a look at these shots and compare the seeds planted in Ocean Forest, a tradional transplanting mix and Light Warrior, a dedicated seed starting formula. Though we saw sprouts in the Ocean Forest, its dense texture may be preventing some seeds from coming through. In the Light Warrior, the oregano seems thicker and more prevalent from having less resistant soil to push through. My verdict is to use Ocean Forest for transplanting or for larger seeds in a pinch; otherwise stick with Light Warrior. Its loose and fine texture has worked wonders for this batch of seedlings. See for yourself!

Light Warrior seedlings–great germination rate!
























Ocean Forest seedlings–lower germination, probably due to its denser texture, combined with the small size of the oregano seed. Stick with Ocean Forest for larger seeds and/or transplanting.